Welcome to AynsleyKnowsEverything!*

*Bald-faced lie.

Welcome to my website! This is all pretty new to me, but I’ll learn as I go. (I told ya, the website name might be stretching the truth just a little.)

I guess I should tell you the whos, whats and whys of this new adventure in Blogland. Then you’ll know if you should stop reading now, or follow me forever and tell all of your friends how great this new site that YOU discovered is. It’ll obviously be the latter, right? There! Now you understand my ego, and you’ve realized I’m a Leo. That’s a good first step.

Other things to know about me…I’m the buyer and manager for an eclectic boutique/bookstore, I collect and sell vintage decor, I love art, reading, food, traveling and home design (the more bohemian the better.) The SS Crazy Cat Lady has set sail and I’m on it. Like, I may not be the captain, but I’m definitely in the ‘first mate’ category. My darkest secret is how much I like soapy television shows geared to teenaged girls.

I’m a sarcastic smartass with a gooey centre. (My friend Ainsley just made me aware that might sound gross, but what would you expect from someone who can’t even spell her name correctly?)

I live in Winnipeg, Canada and I like it, even though we’re pretty murdery here.

So, thanks for stopping by! We’re gonna talk about my favourite things; design, decor, DIY projects, home renos, books, cats (duh), music, art, food, thrifting and traveling. I hope you’ll stick with me on this new adventure!





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