So many things, so few places to put them.

I live in a small house (900 & something square feet) and if my stuff weren’t so cool, I’d be reaching borderline hoarder status. (HOARDERLINE status?)

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.20.12 AM

I try to be really good about getting rid of stuff and am a firm believer in what William Morris said; “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” The trouble is, I find a LOT of stuff to be beautiful. As the buyer for the shop where I work, I’m constantly on the lookout for amazing items. A hazard of the job is finding stuff I love for myself all the time. AND GETTING IT WHOLESALE. I’m better at restraining myself than I used to be, but I’m a hardcore maximalist and it goes against my nature. I also have a tiny little side business selling vintage decor & kitchenware, so I’m constantly thrifting/antiquing/yard sale-ing and trying not to keep all the best stuff for myself.

Both sides of my family are collectors, so I come about it honestly…possibly genetically. (IF I CAN BLAME MY HOARDER NATURE ON MY MOTHER, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I’M GONNA DO IT.) My mom is currently collecting “ugly pitchers” to display on top of her kitchen cabinets. (You know the ones shaped to look like fruit and veg? Yeah, those.) My dad collects Indigenous art (mostly Canadian.) My grandpa Dave collected stamps, my Grandmere collects spoons. My aunt Laureen collects salvaged metal, glass vases and vintage lamps and turns them into upcycled garden art (You can see some of her stuff on “Upcycling The Globe” on facebook!) This is the latest piece I need to have:


I collect art, records, books, Day of the Dead stuff, Holt Howard cats (I don’t know how it happened) and dishes. Lots and LOTS of dishes. Subcategories of dishes! Fiestaware, the Acapulco pattern from Villeroy & Boch, Mexican talavera, and the Pyrex Friendship pattern. Oh, and red, orange and yellow Pyrex. That should be enough, surely.

But I recently started buying CathrineHolm stuff. Whhhhhhhy? I told myself I wouldn’t do it, because even though I love it SO much, it is way too spendy for me. It’s a small amount so far (I’ve never seen ANY in the wild) but I’ve got 2 bowls right now. I have two platters on the way, and my fella bought me a sweet dutch oven casserole thing for my upcoming birthday. (He thinks I don’t know, but I know.)

Whoa, where’d the time go? The thrift store near me opens in 5 minutes and #OnTuesdaysWeThrift. Gotta go look for some ugly pitchers with my mom. And maybe some CathrineHolm? Wish me luck, if I find anything amazing, I’ll let you know!

Screen shot 2017-07-20 at 1.00.40 PM





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